Recount Text Example: Trip To Borobudur Temple

Recount text dalam example pendek dilengkapi dengan generic structure nya ini berstory tentang liburan "Vacation in Jogja" Recount in learning English should be distinguished with narrative text and spoof text. Recount text purely retell experiences, from one event to another event, which happened in the past. Let's see the sample below!

Example Recount Text with Generic Structure: A Trip To Borobudur TempleExample recount text + generic structure: visiting borobudur
Last week, I spent my holiday in Jogjakarta. I went to Borobudur Temple. My family and I went there early morning
We went to Borobudur Temple by private car. I had prepared everything before we went to Jogja. While we were driving, we could see some beautiful views of mountains, forests, and waterfalls.
My family and I arrived at Borobudur Temple at 11:30 in the afternoon. There, I saw many tourists. Borobudur Temple was crowded in that holiday vacation. I could learn and practice speaking English with one of foreign tourists. His name was Jack. He was very friendly. It was my first time to speak English with foreign tourist.
We went back at 04:30 in the evening. It was a very interesting vacation
Generic Structure of Recount Text
Orientation: Informing who are in the events. They are Me ( the writer) and his family. It happened in Jogja last week
Event 1: The writer saw beautiful views of mountains, forests, and waterfalls.
Events 2. The writer practices speaking English with one of the foreign tourist.
Reorientation: The closing statement form the writer. He said that the vacation was interesting

Itulah example recount text tentang liburan ke Jogja. Simple pendek tatapi tetep memenuhi unsur / element generic structure nya. Picture illustrating this example of recount text is taken from flickr

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