Narrative Text Fable with Generic Structure: Frog and Ants Crossing the River

This is an Animal Story. Fable is commonly called animal story because the fictional story is featuring animals, plants, or forces of nature that have human qualities such as ability to speak.

For most students who are in high school and learning English narrative text, fable story becomes the favorite one. It is admitted as fable always attracts so much. The ability of animals to act like human qualities makes the story interesting. It also teaches some moral values left after reading. So Below is the story of frog and ants.

Frog and Ants Crossing the River
In a bright day, a group of ants walked to find foods for their colony. An ant named Cryo saw very delicious bread across the river. The group is joyful but they wonder how to cross the river.
Gogi the frog saw the group and come closer.
“Hi ants, you look troubled, what happen?”
“We saw a big crump over there but we don’t know how to cross the river”, Cryo answered.
“Oh, I can help you, just jump to my back”, said Gogi.
The ants jumped on Gogi’s back but all of a sudden, Gogi felt so ticklish and wiggle so the ants fell apart.
“I’m sorry, I think it will not work”, said Gogi. He felt sorry for the ant and then, he got an idea. He took a leaf and put it on the water.
“You all get on the leaf and I will push you cross the river”, said Gogi to the ants.
The ants followed Gogi instruction and they successfully cross the river. They took the bread; put it on the leaf, and Gogi once again pushed the leaf back to where they were. The ants were very thankful to Gogi that smile brightly.

Analysis of the Generic Structure 

Example of narrative text:The fable of the frog and the ants
Most narrative texts, including a fable, is constructed by common generic structure. The story  begins with some characters which appear in the first paragraph. The story continue to some complication issues. The story find the solution.
1. Orientation: The ants and the frog near the river
2. Complication: It is difficult to reach the bread over the river
3. Resolution: The frog helps the ants to get the bread

That's all about the fable of the ants and the frog. They live helping to each other. The behavior which is described in the story is a moral lesson.

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